Thursday, November 05, 2009

Edens recent song release, enjoy:

"You not nice to me, you not nice to me.
You are a Tigar not nice to me.
A birdy eat me and my hair blows.
1234, I don't think, I don't think.
I will, I did, my toes are ice.
The police officer gave me a stickerererererer.
JUMMMMPPPP higher like aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr.
I hurt I hurt. Her nice her nice. I saw a nice Tigar.
I went and then a lion eat eat eat my food. I not eat it.
I say no nom I say no no.
I spit it out."

Hey it's been a while since I last updated my blog life. Life gets packed with playing drums, golf, basketball, building forts, etc. I would like to share with you my class pictures. I'm in preschool. It's pretty much amazing! I'm learning my abc's and numbers. I shocked my dad the other day when we were building a fort. He was measuring something with his tape measure and asked me what number it was on. I said, "23". Nailed it! Duh dad, I'm in preschool!
My teacher is great. If she thinks I'm entertaining, she has seen nothing yet. Just wait for Eden-Jo next year! So far I think I'm a number guy. I like spelling but numbers are my thing.

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Spring Training...

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I'm FOUR!!!

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