Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mommy Day! Like daddy always says, "you're the hottest mommy in the world"! I think George Strait says it the best..."Here she comes a walking, talking true love, saying I've been looking for a new love, surprise your new love has arrived out of a blue clear sky"...(great album)! Mom, let's be real...I know I give you a hard time every once in a while, but that's not a reflection on you! What can I say? It's probably best summed up by Josh Tuner, "Lord have mercy on a country boy" (another great album)! Just remember that this country boy is in-love with you!
M- Mater
O- Oreo (sugar-free)
M- Mater
M- Mater
Y- (that's a hard one, not sure what word starts with "y')

I love You,
Oh Mommy, you're the prettiest mommy in the world! Look at me, I'm going to say MAMA!
I've come up with an acronym for MAMA:
A- apple
M- mommy
A- apple

I love you,
Eden Jo