Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Crack, crack is the sound you'll be hearing if you don't get your hands off the little girl!

It's all fun and games until you move into a space that doesn't belong to you. Let's be clear, this space is at least 10 ft in circumference and by the looks of the previous picture you boys are in clear violation. 1-2-3 is the time frame I'll allot to you before your good day turns into a bad one! I just turned two today and I workout on a regular basis. Trust me you don't want to go blows with this toddler! I've been around the block once and I've learned a thing or two. Oh I'm just play-in, but seriously though I filled diapers bigger then you. Every time you think about laying hands on Sissy Jo just remember...my fist your face!

What can I say? I have these boys drooling over me; primarily to the fact that we’re all cutting teeth. With all these choices to choose from how does one decide? Not to worry, I will put it off 20 years and then get back to the question at hand.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Yeah, its a clip on! I'm about 4 hours past my normal nap time and I'm looking forward to getting home. All and all it's been a great Easter weekend. I and 3000 other diaper waddling toddlers were unleashed on a field covered with eggs! Talk about a rush...at first I was a little reluctant as one could understand. Trust me, nothing is more alarming then a grass field covered with crazy-eyed, sugar inspired toddlers. It wasn't long before I joined the pack, all it took was one egg filled with sugary goodness and I was hooked! My good buddy, JACK, went one direction and I went another direction. Together we combed our area clean. Eden Jo is not quite able to run around yet, but Jack and I are getting her ready for next year. Working on her speed, hand-eye coordination, intimidating stare, etc. I think we'll make an unstoppable force this time next year.