Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"Say Hello to my little friend." For our protection you can refer to me as "Bruce" and to my pal in front of me, well...let's call him "Fletcher". Fletcher is one of my best friends. That's what my parents tell me. He's a great kid! Good ole' Fletch is starting to get some forward crawling motion. And I know from experience that once you tap into that there's no turning back. The world opens up to you and endless excitement and adventure beckons you to draw near. Such as, the toilet...I know people do funny things with it, and every time I walk towards it my parents nearly tackle me before I have a chance to hang on the bowl. But lets be real...what other household object is more entertaining then the procelain throne or as my mom calls it "her quite time"? Let's face it people...if it's such a bad thing then why do most people spend a good 14% of there life on it...Fletch and I want to know! We got that stat from some kid in the nursury, it might be a little off but you get the point. So yep, crawling is another step towards adolescent adventure. I can't wait until Fletcher is up and walking! If you think crawling is fun, walking is a completely different experience all together. I've heard what you've been saying..."Oh look at the little drunk waddling boy"and the "little belly rocker"...that cuts deep. Oh but just you wait, before long both Fletch and me will be up turning a "triple sow-cow toe loop" with the utmost ease and grace. Watch out toilet bowls here we come...make sure you shut your lids or else it will become a "Roaring Springs" for car keys, crackers, socks, bottles, toothbrush and pretty much anything we put in our hands. Life is fun!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Once again, sorry for the delay. Things have been a tad out of sorts the past few weeks. The little one had to go back into the hospital for an entire week. It's stuff like this that throws my schedule way off! I just get adjusted to her being in my house and the next thing you know she's gone. But now she's back again, people please, let's make it easy for us wee ones! The good news is that she's doing great. From time to time I would visit her at the hospital and wow the nurse's. I must say, they were a tuff crowd. I'm finding it difficult to compete with a girl such as her. C'mon, lets be honest, I know that my fake burps, my attempts of counting to ten and my seldom melodic songs does not hold a candle next to a cute, two week year old girl hooked up to an IV...that's way out of my league. So, long story short, I'm always looking for new material...

Speaking of new material, lets talk about my new drum and very own sticks. That's right, I've been druming in the off out Dusty! Drum sticks are fun, who needs a drum? I play them off the windows, the walls, plastic bowls, my dads little finger and his forehead...not a good idea I guess. But it does make for funny facial expressions.