Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What does three more sleeps mean? When is Christmas and when will it snow? We've waited all year for this!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy late Thanksgiving and Happy early Christmas to you! You know the life of a three year old can be very busy so I hope you understand the delay in my posts.
Sis and I are seen here running through the leaves in Papa and Nana’s backyard. It’s pretty cool. Papa piles the leaves up and the cousins, sis and I run through them like crazy folk on crack! I don’t even know what crack is but you get the point.
Well, what’s new with us? That’s a wonderful question, thank you for asking.
1. I learned how to say “excuse me”. I kept interrupting my dad and mom while they were talking. You know, “hey, hey, scream……hey, dad, dad, mom, cry…….whimper…hey!” Finally, my dad whipped around and looked at me in such away that would make any little boy wet their pants. “Son, when Mom and I are talking don’t interrupt, it’s rude! Next time say excuse me!” “Oh, sorry Dad”, I said. Excuse me, excuse me, umm excuse me, I said excuse me.
2. We got an early Christmas present! I had previously asked my parents for two dogs, one horse and a cow. The good news is that I got one dog. His name is Bear, cause he looks like one. He’s pooped on our kitchen floor a couple of times. I think it’s funny because it reminds me of when Eden poop in her crib. They have so much in common! Dad doesn’t think its funny and the same look he gave me when teaching me the phrase “excuse me” is the same look he gave Bear when he pooped!
That’s pretty much it from me. I’ll have Eden post in a couple of days. She’s to busy carrying Bear around in a headlock to take the time and write.