Thursday, August 10, 2006

Let's all be honest, who really takes the time to get out of the lake and use the commode...exactly, virtually no one. We know what's happening when you're standing in waste deep water, you're not moving and you're wearing a face like the one you see here. Those are sure tell-tell signs for anyone in your general vicinity to vacate quickly or get up stream. Grant it, a lake is bigger then a bath tub but the same principle applies. I'm talking about the "ONE's" not the "TWO's"! For the love of all that is sanitary, that's not cool. Trust me, I did it once while bathing and though it is covenant, the embarrassment to follow is never worth it. I've destroyed a many of bath waters with that little move, so my advice is take some extra time and get out. Hopefully, you the readers were inspired by this blog, but not just inspired...hopefully, you were changed! Recap: The "One's" are ok, the "TWO's" are bad.